Burglars can’t steal what they can’t see

That’s the logic behind using smoke cannons and fog systems.

SensorFog is the only fog system on the market that doesn’t just prevent a break-in, it fights it in your absence.

When an alarm goes off, burglars know they have some time before anybody intervenes. SensorFog makes it impossible for them to use that time.

Stops the burglary rather than just sound the alarm

All versions are supplied with a smoke cartridge that accurately covers up to 150 m3.

Delivers incense-based smoke and impairs vision inside the protected environment and making it impossible to stay.

Unlike all other security systems, this is a truly effective way to prevent theft.

Other fog systems base their effectiveness solely on visual impairment. SensorFog makes it physically impossible to linger in the protected areas.

Residue dust is easy to remove, doesn’t stain or stick to furniture/furnishings and smells good.

Takes up very little space

SensorFog is quite small compared to its market competitors, being roughly the size of wall lamp. It measures 14 cm in height, 9 cm in width and 8 cm in depth (without wedge).

Doesn’t require a boiler

SensorFog doesn’t need an internal boiler, which means a definite saving in energy consumption, maintenance and possible breakdowns.

Safe to use

SensorFog uses a dual signal system, combining the sensors of the existing system with another sensor for final verification.

Can be used anywhere

SensorFog can be used in addition to any existing system, acting as just an extra measure. The device can be connected to any alarm control panel as it uses only three connection signals.

The device is also equipped with an on-board digital infrared sensor, with temperature compensation, avoiding the need for extra wiring with external sensors.


Budget-friendly, performing and certified

SensorFog is highly efficient, yet costs a fraction of all other fog systems on the market and uses practically no power.

SensorFog also offers remarkable environment-filling capacity (150 m3 – 60 m2) in only 15″/20″ and releases dense and bitter smoke that lingers for 20/30 minutes.

SensorFog also possesses all certifications required by Italian regulations.

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